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Account & Wallet

Lava uses Cosmos bank & account modules and enables you to use any standard Cosmos wallet.

Prepare an account using the CLI

First need to add a wallet to your keyring (FAQ: what is a keyring).

While you may use your seed phrase to import an existing wallet, we'll make a new one in this scenario. replace $ACCOUNT_NAME with a name of your choosing:

$current_lavad_binary keys add $ACCOUNT_NAME

Ensure you write down the mnemonic as you can not recover the wallet without it.

To ensure your wallet was saved to your keyring, look for the KEY_NAME is in your keys list:

$current_lavad_binary keys list

The last thing needed before initializing the validator is to obtain your validator public key which was created when you first initialized your node. To obtain your validator pubkey:

$current_lavad_binary tendermint show-validator
Pencils out 📝

Keep the newly created account info:

  1. SECRET mnemonic phrase 🚨🤫🚨🤫🚨
  2. Your public address, starts with lava@
  3. Your validator pubkey

♻ Save those details as we make sure to automatically airdrop you with LAVA test tokens as soon as we restart the testnet.

Keplr integration


Adding Lava to Keplr wallet is experimental

Use the button below to add Lava Testnet to your Keplr extension: