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Hardware requirements

Deployment options

  • VPS instance (on any cloud provider) - recommended ⭐️
  • Shared compute instance (e.g. AWS EC2 instance)
  • Your personal station

Docker container are available at Lava's repository on GitHub

Hardware requirements

As the network grows, bandwidth, CPU, and memory requirements rise. Large hard drives are recommended for storing years of blockchain history, as well as significant RAM to process the increasing amount of transactions.

Also, running on testnet and mainnet will feature different requirements.

Recommended for Testnet

Node TypeRAMStorageCPU
Full (Minimum)8GB100GB SSDx64 2.0 GHz 4v CPU
Full (Recommended)16GB512GB SSDx64 2.0 GHz 4v CPU
Running on AWS?


  • Minimum Instance Type - c4.xlarge
  • Configure storage - GP2 drive

Operating system

  • For using the prebuilt lavad - you need to run Ubuntu - 20 or newer.
  • sudo permissions on your machine (e.g. can run sudo hostname)

Need to run a different OS? Let us know in Discord.

Network configurations

  • Outbound - allow all traffic
  • Inbound - open the following ports:
    • 1317 - REST
    • 26657 - TENDERMINT_RPC
    • 26656 - Cosmos
    • Running as a Provider? Add these specific ports:
      • 22221 - provider port
      • 22231 - provider port
      • 22241 - provider port