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Running a Juno RPC Node

Requirements πŸ“„β€‹

Before continuing please observe that your system meets the minimum requirements:


gcc git jq chrony build-essential make
go version 1.19.2+


4 Cores Modern CPU
1 TB storage (SSD or VME)

Install Junod πŸš€β€‹

Follow the instructions provided in the Juno Network documentation ( to install the Junod software. This software is necessary to run a Juno RPC node.

Decide Juno Mainnet 🌐 or Testnet πŸ§ͺ​

Choose whether you want to participate in the Juno Mainnet or the Testnet. The Mainnet is the live network where real transactions occur and you will incur real costs, while the Testnet is a separate network for testing and experimentation where you can operate free from concern about incurring costs.

Once you’ve done that, all that’s left to do is register on Lava Network!

Apply to our Provider Incubation Program πŸ“‹β€‹

In our current state of Testnet, there is an additional stage to pass through before you can become a provider on the Lava Network. Please fill out the application form for our Provider Incubation Program. Feel free to drop a line in our Discord once you’ve completed this step!

Setup your Provider on Lava Network πŸŒ‹β€‹

Once you’ve been accepted - to set up your provider on the Lava Network, you can refer to the provider setup documentation available elsewhere in our docs. This should provide you with the necessary information to configure and operate your provider node.