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Getting Juno RPC


To learn more about using the Lava Gateway visit the Getting Started guide



Lava SDK is currently in Alpha. Please observe the documentation on both frontend and backend use before getting started.

Input 📥

// Install lavaSDK with the following command:
// npm i @lavanet/lava-sdk
const { LavaSDK } = require("@lavanet/lava-sdk")

async function useJunoTestnet() {

const junoTestnet = await LavaSDK.create({
privateKey: process.env.PRIVATE_KEY, //hide your private key in an environmental variable
chainIds: 'JUNT1',

const junoBlockResponse = await junoTestnet.sendRelay({
method: "block",
params: ["82500"],


(async () => {
await useJunoTestnet();

Output 📤

To learn more about our SDK visit the Getting Started guide