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Running an Evmos RPC Node

Requirements 📄​

- 8 core CPU 
- 64gb of RAM
- go 1.20+
- jq 1.6+
- ports 8545/8546 open & exposed

Install Evmos CLI 🚀​

This software is necessary to run an Evmos RPC node.

git clone
cd evmos
git fetch
git checkout <tag>
make install

It is necessary to replace <tag> with the name of the latest release which is visible here.

Start your Node ❗​

Starting a node with Evmos may require various configurations, but the commands are relatively simple:

./evmosd start \ 
--json-rpc.enable \
--api.enable \
--grpc-web.enable \

You can edit your app.toml file to change settings on your node. Within app.toml you can find gas cap, CORS, Pruning, and how to configure a WebSocket Server. For further information, consult the Evmos documentation

Evmos ipRPC 🪙​

Want to reach more developers and get more rewards as a node runner? Evmos pays providers who're interested. Evmos offers Incentivized Public RPC (ipRPC) endpoints to developers in its ecosystem. By signing up here, you can become one of our premier providers contributing to decentralized public goods. Sign up now!

Setup your Provider on Lava Network 🌋​

Once you’ve been accepted - to set up your provider on the Lava Network, you can refer to the provider setup documentation available elsewhere in our docs. This should provide you with the necessary information to configure and operate your provider node.