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Developers 💻

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Role 👤

The role of Developers in the Lava Network:

  • consume APIs on the network via the Lava Gateway
  • making contributions by maintaining and developing specifications for new blockchains and APIs
  • writing code or debugging issues that contributes to the Lava blockchain (based in CosmosSDK)
  • building dApps and platforms which use LavaSDK or ServerKit (RPCConsumer)

Use-Cases 🧩

App TypeIntentionRecommended Interface
Front-Endbuilding a dApp, smart contract, or NFT projectLava Gateway, Lava SDK
Back-Endcreating microservices, clients, daemons, or toolingLava SDK or Server Kit
Gateway / Portalself-hosting a centralized point for high throughput Lava P2P network accessServer Kit

Quick Start

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