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Running a CosmosHub RPC Node

Requirements 📄​

Storage: 1 TB

Install gaiad​

One of the prerequisites to running a node on CosmosHub is the use of gaiad. To get started ensure that you install gaiad.

Configure and Start your Node! 🚀​

Follow along with the official Cosmos guide on how to get your node started:

You will make changes to both ~/.gaia/config/config.toml and ~/.gaia/config/app.toml before running gaiad start !

Apply to our Provider Incubation Program 📋​

In our current state of Testnet, there is an additional stage to pass through before you can become a provider on the Lava Network. Please fill out the application form for our Provider Incubation Program. Feel free to drop a line in our Discord once you’ve completed this step!

Setup your Provider on Lava Network 🌋​

Once you’ve been accepted - to set up your provider on the Lava Network, you can refer to the provider setup documentation available elsewhere in our docs. This should provide you with the necessary information to configure and operate your provider node.