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Lava Gateway

🌋 Easy, self-serve access to any Web3 API, straight from the web browser, the Lava way 😉

The Lava Gateway is a simplified web interface that gives developers instant access to blockchain data. The Gateway uses our Server Kit to provide a hosted point of access for developers looking for RPC through the Lava Network. This allows users to manage and configure Web3 APIs through an intuitive controls directly from the browser. While the Lava Server Kit and SDK give greater control and permissionlessness, the Lava Gateway provides the same access to our underlying network with additional niceties such as project management tools and user accounts. This means anyone, regardless of technical acumen, can easily use Lava.


  1. Easy and intuitive interface for API access
  2. Organize access by project
  3. Example calls for each supported chain

Hop on to our gateway and access one of these chains now:

Gateway Chains

Missing a chain?

Lava is built to quickly scale to many new chains, and the team is constantly working on that. Please help us prioritize by telling us what you need on our Discord.