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Faucet community guidelines

As a member of the Lava community, we ask that you follow these guidelines when using the testnet faucet:

  • Use the faucet responsibly. The testnet faucet is provided for testing purposes only, and is not intended for excessive or abusive usage. Please use the faucet only when necessary for testing and development.
  • Do not share your testnet faucet tokens with others. The testnet faucet is for the use per user, and we ask that you respect the resources provided by not sharing access with others.
  • Report any issues or bugs. If you encounter any issues or bugs while using the testnet faucet, please report them to our team in Discord so that we can address them as soon as possible.

By following these guidelines, you will help ensure that the testnet faucet remains a valuable resource for the Lava community. Thank you for your cooperation!

Discord Faucet

The Discord faucet is the recommended method for obtaining testnet LAVA, as it offers a larger dispense amount compared to the API faucet. Please note that the Discord faucet has a verification process in place to ensure fair usage.

API Faucet

API faucet is paused until further notice, please use the Discord faucet.