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Running an Avalanche RPC Node

Requirements 📄​

Before you start, ensure that your machine meets the following minimum requirements:

CPU: Equivalent of 8 AWS vCPU
RAM: 16 GiB
Storage: 1 TiB
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 or MacOS >= 12
Network: sustained 5Mbps up/down bandwidth
Go version >= 1.19.6

Install AvalancheGo 🚀​

AvalancheGo is a go implementation of an Avalanche node. This software is necessary to run a Avalanche RPC node. AvalancheGo can be installed automatically on a local machine using a shell bash script or manually with some commands.There are detailed guides for both automatic installation and manual installation available in the Avalanche docs.

Automated Script​

To do automated install using the AvalancheGo install script, input the following into a terminal:

wget -nd -m;\
chmod 755;\

# For Mainnet Installation, run the following command:

# For Testnet Installation, run the following command:
./ --fuji

This will begin an automated script install with prompts that allow you to configure your node. When you're asked whether the RPC port should be private or public- be sure to select public ! The node will start once the script completes.

Manual Binary Build​

To manually build and install AvalancheGo, input the following into a terminal:

git clone
cd avalanchego

# To run your Node on the Mainnet, run the following command:

# To run your Node on the Testnet, run the following command:
./build/avalanchego --network-id=fuji

Your node will take time to sync after it has been started. Please allow it time to sync to the latest block.

Configure your Provider


Avalanche has a specific use case for adding websockets to their Provider Endpoints. This is because only C chains support websocket endpoints whereas X/P chains do not. To read about the differences between different Avalanche chain types, inspect their documentation/

An example yaml is provided below. You can also find it in the Lava Monorepo here.

- api-interface: jsonrpc
chain-id: AVAX
- url: ws://
internal-path: "/C/rpc" # c chain like specified in the spec
- url:
internal-path: "/C/avax" # c/avax like specified in the spec
- url:
internal-path: "/X" # x chain like specified in the spec
- url:
internal-path: "/P" # p chain like specified in the spec

Apply to our Provider Incubation Program 📋​

In our current state of Testnet, there is an additional stage to pass through before you can become a provider on the Lava Network. Please fill out the application form for our Provider Incubation Program. Feel free to drop a line in our Discord once you’ve completed this step!

Setup your Provider on Lava Network 🌋​

Once you’ve been accepted - to set up your provider on the Lava Network, you can refer to the provider setup documentation available elsewhere in our docs. This should provide you with the necessary information to configure and operate your provider node on the Lava Network.