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Lava SDK


open-source expected during Q1 2023

🌋 Programmatic, decentralized access to any Web3 API, from anywhere, the Lava way 😉

The Lava SDK is a JavaScript/TypeScript SDK reference implementation designed for developers looking for access through the Lava Network. It can be added to your app/dapp and run in browsers to provide multi-chain peer-to-peer access to blockchain APIs. Whereas the Gateway provides a preconfigured user experience and project-based functionality, the SDK allows for you to set the parameters of access according to the needs of your application. With only a few lines of code, a developer can interact with a variety of blockchains across different interfaces.


  1. Access any supported chain RPC APIs
  2. Runs from browser
  3. Etherjs/Cosmjs integrations (coming soon!)