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Overview πŸ”β€‹

Lava offers several attractive entry ways to our peer-to-peer RPC network. Unfortunately, it can be confusing to new developers on which one to select!

Lava offers:

No matter which offering you choose, you still get the same high speed, accountable RPC providers served from our P2P network.

Use-Cases πŸ§©β€‹

This page can help clarify which of Lava’s offerings is most suitable according to your specific use-case. Depending on the type of project you plan to build, you may get a better user experience out of one or a combination of our offerings, respectively. The table below is provided to help you make your decision.

Table of Uses πŸ“‹β€‹

Which Lava entry way should you use? Easy! Tell us what you’re trying to build and we can better assist your decision.

App TypeIntentionRecommended Interface
Front-Endbuilding a dApp, smart contract, or NFT projectLava Gateway, Lava SDK
Back-Endcreating microservices, clients, daemons, or toolingLava SDK or Server Kit
Gateway / Portalself-hosting a centralized point for high throughput Lava P2P network accessServer Kit