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Web3 APIs ⚡️

Lava offers several attractive entry ways to our peer-to-peer RPC network. Unfortunately, it can be confusing to new developers on which one to select!

Lava offers:

No matter which offering you choose, you still get the same high speed, accountable RPC providers served from our P2P network.


This page can help clarify which of Lava’s offerings is most suitable according to your specific use-case. Depending on the type of project you plan to build, you may get a better user experience out of one or a combination of our offerings, respectively. The table below is provided to help you make your decision.

Table of Uses

Which Lava entry way should you use? Easy! Tell us what you’re trying to build and we can better assist your decision.

App TypeIntentionRecommended Interface
Front-Endbuilding a dApp, smart contract, or NFT projectLava Gateway, Lava SDK
Back-Endcreating microservices, clients, daemons, or toolingLava SDK or Server Kit
Gateway / Portalself-hosting a centralized point for high throughput Lava P2P network accessServer Kit